... but first impressions, nope, dont like it much so far. Im trying out the travel pack they have and these are my thoughts so far...

The no-poo cowash, smelled weird, not bad just weird. My hair is already dry and I still smell it.
The Condish was ok.
The "angel" gel, ok, like that it doesnt feel too heavy when I put it on.
The moisture lock spray, well, it feels like one of those products that was just thrown into the mix at the end of the product line up just to even out the numbers. I put it on after the gel but I just didnt like it. I've got lots of frizz today.

I used the products as suggested and it is now noon and I feel like my hair is just full of product. Gonna try it tonight again but gonna tweek some of the directions.

Any scary Devacurl stories out there?
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2 months into this... Still experimenting...
Sporadic shampoo (usually 1 to 2 times a week): Kinky Curly Come Clean
Co-wash or Rinse Out (in rotation): Suave clean breeze, V05 Strawberries & Cream, Tresseme naturals
Leave in: CHS Curl Keeper, or Coconut oil
Style: LA Looks Gel (the blue one), GF curl shaping spray gel