Hi everyone, my name is Artivia. I am 14 and want to be able to properly care for my hair. At the moment, I am not at all sure what my hair type is but trying to figure it out. I have really long hair, like a few inches below my waist.

My hair is curly so I guess I am a type 3 but not entirely positive. The main problem with my hair is that when dry the curls like to break apart. I think I might have some heat damage since while dry some strands are quite straight. I dont really have a special routine with my hair, unlike what I see with other curlies. But I dont know what to do with my hair. Not only is it long but also very thick and is a hassle. Its texture is actually quite soft but it also tends to get frizzy. I really hope joining NaturallyCurly will help me better care for my hair.