I added the Terax lifedrops, the JCN&S, and the AG Recoil to my hair routine. While I have gotten the increased curl definition that I wanted, I am still lacking in volume and my frizz has gone way up (boo). I've attached pictures below.

I can't really tell if the lifedrops are making much of a difference in my hair comparing days I use it to those I don't but I'll wait it out a little while to see.

The JCN&S is a miracle product. I love it. I've used it both with my old Deva gel and the new AG Recoil and it makes my hair soooo soft (even with super-crunchy product). Also, while my hair has been falling pretty flat lately, it would be completely volume-less if not for the JCN&S which plumps it up significantly.

I don't think I'm in love with the AG Recoil yet. On my first attempt, I know I used way way way too much product. Learning curve. This time (in the pictures), I still may be using too much. I only used a quarter-size dollop but I may decrease even further as my hair got mega-crunchy/stringy/wet-looking. I'll see how it works with a dime-size or a little more but right now I'm not sure the increased curl definition is worth the fact that my hair looks significantly less shiny/kind of dirty and stringy. The search goes on. Also, I finally made an appointment for a Devacut next week so hopefully that will do something to bring life back to my waves.
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