How is it awful? (Frizzy, stringy, etc?)

I have to use another gel with it, for sure. It's not enough hold on its own on soaking wet hair.

Give me the low-down on your routine - maybe I can be of some help??
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well i am doing everything the same, wash with TJ TTT, condition with SM R Condish, then LI (tresseme). Normally, it's FSG, smoothie, plop, then KCCC, curl trigger then diffuse. Then the one day I used the MO to seal and it was awesome (late friday). Then I decided to get the soufflé (friday) and the day after using MO (saturday) used the MO and hair was a little stringy, but I used more than the first day. Then Sunday I added a small amount of soufflé at the end and my hair went from OK to CRAP! It was so bad, at the very last minute before leaving for hcurch I had to pin everything up it was NASTY. strings of grease. Then today, tried soufflé again (with MO seal) and nasty again. I should have waited to try the soufflé until I made sure my hair likes the MO. I'll try again tomorrow and leave out the souffle and see if I can get back on track.
Today I used just the soufflé, then some curl trigger (after plopping) and then some fsg after that cuz it was not looking good. ugh.
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Do you clarify often? I use a low poo as soon as it starts to look stringy or greasy (about once or twice a week then cowash the other days) and I find that it helps to "restart" the curls.
it might be the souffle just doesn't agree with your hair. Maybe try a different leave in with the mo. And maybe just less styling products.