Ok...Going for the shorter version...lawl...

1. Shampoo every few days with SM Moisture Retention or Yucca & Aloe(Yaaay Fine hair!)
2. Condition with the corresponding conditioner of the ones mentioned above.
3. DT with Biolage Conditioning Balm(I've had it for a while, but I plan on purchasing the GVP version after I use it up.) I actually recently purchased the SM Anti-Breakage treatment and it didn't have much slip for me so I mix it with the Biolage and it's worked amazingly!!) Comb, and Rinse out completely.
4.While my hair is soaking wet, I use one of the SM conditioners as a leave-in(only need a pump or 2)
5. Apply about a quarter size of SM Soufflee, Scrunch.
6. Apply about a dime size amount of SM Smoothie(Since I have Fine hair).
7. Then I use two sprays of Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Oil Dry Spray to my hands(rub together) then apply it throughout my hair.
8. Then I end with KCCC.

Kind of a lot but meh...haha. I can get 2nd Day hair but I haven't attempted to see how long it could last. I use a small spray bottle of water and a little of the SM Milk(again of both types mentioned above) and my hair is perfect.

Decided to post this just in case it helps someone else. Still experimenting with other products but this combo seems to work EVERY TIME for me.