Minxy, SCG, I know this is the gif I've often wanted to convey my emotions!

Moodydove, it's only five days. Just try not to stress out and wait. Even I've had delays, and my periods are very regular (of course I knew I wasn't pregnant because I can't get none).
But gurl, you had le sex and didn't announce it to us deprived camels on nc.com?
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Okay okay. I did freak but I'm calming down now.
Yea, I did! Starting last August. I would have announced, but I thought it would be an odd first post after hiatus lol. For the record, "Good hurt"= sexytimes.
And you're only deprived because ain't no ugly mens worthy of your humps! I look around at the world sometimes and wonder how I got so lucky. I don't think being in love turns everybody gross, does it?
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And you are quite right, of course, but I'm stil annoyed at males oppressing me with their ugly privilege.