The Jane Carter Nourish and Shine is a bit pricy but seriously worth it in my book. Plus, I've found a need to use about a pea-sized amount for noticeable results (its a pretty decent-size container so this should last a VERY long time).

Also thanks for the Curly Sexy rec, AKgirl. Do you find it drying at all or that it increases frizziness? I'm starting to think that my hair just doesn't like magnesium sulfate (one of the ingredients in AG Recoil/most sea salt sprays/curly sexy). I used to use sea salt sprays with great results years ago in early college but, since I got a couple brazilian blowout treatments last year and am waiting for them to grow out (because all of that stuff about it fading out naturally is total BS), my hair doesn't seem to like them anymore. I've heard that magnesium oil is gentler on hair. Has anyone tried it?