I agree with you. I first tried the sample kit and really liked the results but HATED the smell. I next bought full size bottles of the DevaCARE line. It is for color treated hair and has more of an orange scent. (I heard it described as baby aspirin!) But I didn't like the way it worked. Had kind of a waxy quality to it. I started this CG business about 9 months ago and have yet to hit on a good combination of any products that consistently work for me. There are the rare days when my hair really looks sharp and I think it is all worth it. But too often I find I look unkempt. But along the way I have tried many shampoos and conditioners and none were a HG. I did just get my hair cut this weekend and the stylist used Deva curl products. I still hate the smell but my hair really felt nice and curled well. I had that same "wow - what a difference" feeling that I did when I first tried the line. And since I am getting pretty fed up with the time and energy and money being spent on my hair (it is not world peace or a cure for cancer!)- I bought it again as one last try before throwing in the (microfiber) towel and returning to the round brush and blow dryer. I will soon know it the results are worth the smell and cost. Hope you find what works for you!
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Ironically I spent loads of money on products too and it turns out the conditioner I ended up liking the most cost me $5 for a liter -__- and I discovered it by accident. Go figure. It's not CG cuz it has cones but it works for my hair. At this point being CG has not worked for my hair so now I'm just doing what I find my hair likes by trial-and-error. Instead, techniques is what has helped me more in the long run. But I'm still glad I've learned so much here
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