If spiderlashes does not mind, may I post a fashion question? I have a pair of dark wash wide leg jeans. I really don't know what to wear with them but I really want to wear them at least one time. They have been sitting in my closet for more than a wear. I have a white fitted t and thought maybe a blazer or 3/4 sleeve cardigan. Do I wear flats or are these to be worn with heels? I don't have many heels except for wedges. Please help the clueless.
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I agree w/ Scrills that it really depends on the length of the jeans. Wide leg jeans need to nearly graze the floor. I love wideleg jeans and have several pairs (in different lengths) and wear them w/ ballet flats, flat sandals, clogs, platform wedge sandals, platform wedge boots, chunky platform heels. IMO, if you are wearing heels, they should be a chunkier style. But flats work well, too. Depends on length...and to some extent on how loose they are (ie, if they are really loose all over and casual, flats would probably be better).