I just started a new routine; I've only used it twice but got great results each time!

Evening: Co-wash or low-poo, then apply generous amounts of a rich conditioner like SM or GVP moisture balm and finger-detangle

Morning: Stick my head, with my hair almost upside down, in the shower stall and wet my hair thoroughly with cold water.

Then apply a lighter condioner, finger-detangle, my hair still upside down (mostly because of the cold, cold water!).

Take a gob of gel/styling product, spread it over my hands, and finger-distribute the product through my hair.

Flip my head back up, lightly smooth so as to make sure there's a bit of product to smooth the surface of my hair's canopy, then air-dry.

Very simple! I need simple...I'm a very wash-n-go kinda girl.
3a - Fine, thin, non-porous hair - boo!

Shampoo: SM shampoos

Clarifying Shampoo: KC Come Clean

Co-Wash: L'Oreal Cleansing Conditioners, As I Am Co-Wash

Hair Gel: L.A. Looks Sport, KCCC, SM Curling Souffle

DT Conditioner: SM Raw Shea Masque, SM Raw Shea conditioner + coconut oil, GVPCB

LI Conditioner: Tresemme Naturals, KCKT, VO5 shea + SM baby oil

Curl Enhancers: L.A. Looks Beachy Waves, Organix Moroccan Sea Salt Spray. AG re:coil