I would love to do diet modifications but he is so damn picky and stubborn enough so that he would literally sneak food or not eat. He has asthma and we've been successful in weaning him off of dairy. Gluten will be a big challenge though. Won't eat rice but I'm still trying. Won't eat potato unless it is in cut in fry formation. food needs to be plain looking (like no flecks of seasoning or herbs) or he'll start flicking each one individually or not eat it at all. Luckily he will eat smoked salmon and on occasion chicken so I can get some protein in him. We put all sorts of probiotics, vitamins, minerals in his giant sippy for school, so I think he's ok for the most part. I never thought of iron though. I'll look into that.

The ENT visit went well, and I think it may be a big source of some of the problems. He clearly inherited snotty ears from me.