You could probably still find the color in stores or online, at least for now? In the meantime you could try searching for something else. It's a little bit of homework but here goes.

Revlon is owned by MacAndrews & Forbes. A little trick I've used in the past is to look at who owns a brand. Afterward, I look at all the other brands that the companies owns...and chances are there's a product similar to what I use (similar ingredients) and one of them is always cheaper. So I go for the cheapest, and have the same results.

So in your case, I would check out all the brands M&F currently own. I realize it's way more delicate because color is so specific, but it's worth a shot. Try looking into Almay, Philosophy skincare, Sinful Colors, Charlie fragrances, Mitchum, Ultima II Cosmetics and Gatineau skincare. I don't color my hair so I don't know if these other brands even offer hair coloring products, but it's worth a try. You can also compare ingredients in-between in the Revlon color lines. You might be surprised!
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This sounds like a great idea.
Another suggestion which would also save you money would be to try to figure out (with help from a knowledgeable Revlon CS person or maybe a hairdresser) which color and level make up strawberry blonde and mix your own. Seems to me it would be blonde + red but of course it's a bit more complicated than that.
Buying a bottle of color (or more than one color) and peroxide and mixing yourself is not hard at all and it's more economical than buying those kits. (This is assuming you're using permanent color, not the kind that washes out).