Yea he said that the poofy version of his hair is just de tangled, but I don't understand what you mean I guess? Like you just wake up? Cause when I wake up my hair is WAY poofier than when I go to bed. XD
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Basically in the poofy picture, he combed his dry hair so it frizzed and got Afro like. (Poofy)

In the flat picture he added product while it was wet and let it dry without disturbing the curls while it was drying. So it lays down.

My hair semi lays down when it's wet and full of product, but once it dries it's "up". I'm really not sure if my hair grows "up" or "down" because my hair's not long enough to tell yet. I think I'd be happy either way.

Anyway, hope that clears the mystery of the sudden afro up a little.


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