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Tea tree oil helped clear my scalp out right away and got rid of all of my buildup and "dry scalp" that I was suffering from co-washing with As I Am.

The reason I was inspired to try it is because my brother had terrible skin problems in high school. He had what is known as combination type skin in which he'd break out but then the drugstore acne treatments and creams we'd get him were so harsh on his skin. They'd dry it out completely and make the problem worse because then his skin would overproduce oil to compensate and, voila, more acne. I did some research for him back then and found out that tea tree oil is good for both the overproduction and underproduction of oil. His face was simultaneously super dry and rather oily and that's what was causing his breakouts. Once he started applying tea tree oil topically on a daily basis his skin calmed down. He still has some in his bathroom years later.

So when my scalp was freaking out on me, (and it was burning, I mean, unbearably itchy), I realized that I needed to reset my sebum production. It was normal before CG, and I had to get it back on track. So I try and do a tea tree treatment at least once a week or once every two weeks. Tea tree oil is so good for the scalp. It's quite cleansing and helps stimulate hair growth/get rid of buildup/fight dry or oily scalp by unclogging the hair follicle. I know some people add it to their shampoo but it's already in my co-wash of choice so I don't have to bother.

Hope that helps!
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