Many conditioners are mostly water. That's why water is typically the first ingredient right? So for a 12 ounce bottle I'd put maybe 6 drops TTO. 8 ounces, 4 drops. 1 drop per 2 ounces is probably more than safe a dilution. I think I've read other people put like five drops in a bottle of their conditioner or shampoo to start off with. You don't have to dilute it when you apply directly to skin either, it's just it's so strong concentrated that if you have dry skin you don't want to irritate it. I'd recommend doing a skin test. You know, for like allergies. Swab some diluted onto your arm and see if you have an adverse reaction or not.

If your buildup is really bad and you want to start fresh though, why not just clarify with a shampoo? Sulfates or non sulfate. Just be sure to prepoo first. (I've made this mistake. Prepooing is very important. I did a light prepoo when my stylist accidentally put a product with silicones in my hair the week before the last and my hair was much better the second time. And that was with using a shampoo with sulfates!) Slather the rest of your hair in protective oils like olive or coconut and conditioner an hour before you clarify so it won't dry it out. And then if needed you can deep treat afterwards to restore moisture to your hair. But then the next time you co-wash or low-poo after that, do it with some TTO added in the bottle and see if it makes a difference. And shake the bottle really well after adding the drops of TTO so it'll be well distributed.
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