Oh and you're so welcome. (You really don't have to go to Trader Joes and get some conditioner either. It's just what worked for me personally. Not trying to push anything.) I really hope it helps with buildup. If it doesn't, you may just need to low poo and clarify more often. So long as you add emollients back into your hair afterwards it should be all right. My hair is more moisturized these days so it bounces back faster.
3A - C, HP, ME, HD. (Coarse, High Porosity, Medium Elasticity, High Density.)

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Poos: SM Moisture Retention + Yucca Baobab, TJ's Tea Tree Tingle
Condish: TJ 'sTea Tree Tingle*, SM Moisture Retention* + Curl & Shine + Yucca Baobab, Yes to Blueberries
Stylers: KCKT*, SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie* + Curl & Style Milk*, KCCC*, FSG*, CJ Pattern Pusha, Curl Keeper
Sealers: Jojoba* or Grapeseed* oil

* = HG