nvmbrcurls: i have used both of your conditioners, the suave and the v05, with not great results. lol i just get soft limp barely wavy hair.

i tried out the tresseme curl lotion stuff last night and got mixed results on my own head! some huge barrel shaped curls in the back and little spirals in the front and then some straight pieces underneath. it was a hot mess! i re-wet this morning and applied a little LALSG for fun and geeeeezzzz.......producty feeling and pulled the curls out.

also, i washed with some GVPCB first and let it sit then shampooed with a quarter sized blob of the classic herbal essences. yes i have to shampoo or it is just limp soft curls. my hair actually felt really nice! detangled and i didnt see the frizzy littl pieces at my crown that i used to get!

i just cant figure out what to use i like minimal product use. ideally one or two would be great! gels make me stringy and lately mousses make me greasy looking. the herbal essences and the tresseme ones both were no-go.

I have had good results with protein. wheat protein in particular brings out the curls. Slivola on here has recommended Aveda products and i have tried some samples and had the best curls ever with the becurly style prep. i would like a leave in to help moisturize. my hair hasnt been able to handle them in the past. it seems to go from dry to over moisturized (or at least what i think is overdone) in a matter of seconds.

i know this is funny but i have my mothers curls and my dads texture. my mother has coarser hair and curls when she was younger. my dad has baby fine straight hair. so thats what im workin with.