Only hard thing about going natural is hairstyles. Days that you don't feel like conditioning your hair or having your hair down. I suck at coming up with styles
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Well, I try to switch up with updos and buns.

Maybe you should watch these tutorials of natural curly hair styles :

"Elongate Curly PonyTail" Tutorial - illusion of Longer Hair - YouTube
3 Classic Buns | Natural Curly Hair | Top & Low Bun - YouTube
Natural Curly Hair: Low Side Bun | GLAM - YouTube
HeatLess Natural Curls
Curly Hair Updo - Hair Tutorial - Tasha Arnall - YouTube
5 Minute Updo from Elegant Hair by Giselle (curly hair) - YouTube

Mix of 3C & 3B
Medium porosity
Low density
Medium width

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