Yeah i definitely have low density and that is why i stay away from ponytails because low density plus a flat head plus wavy hair equals a ugly mess lol..but i discovered something new this past week. After wondering why my hair was getting weighted down the next day and trying different things i started adding LEMON JUICE to my conditioner. It. Is. Awesome!. It gives my hair volume for more than two days and it makes it gorgeously shiny. I didn't even have to blow dry my bangs just brushed them to the side and pinned them until they dried and they look naturally wavy straight and shiny. I'm not sure if in the long run the lemon juice will dry hair out but in the mean time I'll keep using it every time i condition. I know this topic is about grays but i thought I'd share with you since I'm trying to ignore my grays for now. I did find 2 more lol on the top of my head. I clipped my hair up in different sections after it was dry and i felt like a medieval princess hahaha

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