is it only when you come, he might be stalking...SOMEONE ELSE, I'm only saying because you say he speeds up when you come out, so he's trying to play it off. What kind of music does he blast LOL I'm just nosey. I would ask someone to walk with you, who am I kidding, I should of done that at my job but I just left like a boss a risky boss.

at my job I got off late once and a guy in this blacked out van (RIGHT) approached me in the parking lot he was standing there talking on his phone, just in the parking lot NO ONE ELSE THERE, and wanted me to show him some lights (WTF LIGHTS DUDE) and he kept pointing to the lights at my job's building and "was like what are those lights, take me, show me" and I was like "they're just lights to that building"
and he goes "well can you show me" and the whole time I was walking backwards towards my car.
And he was like "what clubs are around here"


I was in a giant parking lot all by myself at 11 at night, go on. And Eventually after 5 more minutes of him trying to get me to go with him somewhere I was like "I gotta go" and he was like "wait" and following me and I jumped in my car and locked the doors, and then I watched him walk behind my car stand there and look exactly into my eyes through my rear view mirror (that was the scariest part to me LOL) and then he got in his van and left. I think he was trying to sex traffic me, because that actually happens a lot in the town I work in, people go missing during the summer...girls.