no I think its good to be aware, but I'm also a paranoid person. I'm always on high alert, I go everywhere and automatically map out exits and strategy plans in my head, and this was waaay before all the crazy stuff that's been happening (crazy stuff is always happening but you know)

but now that you've said you leave 30 minutes before most people.....maybe he is waiting for someone. And when you come out he doesn't want to look like a stalker so he drives away. My friend didn't have a car one time so I had to pick her up from her job frequently. I felt like a creeper, I would be in the front but after a while I would drive away and then do it again.....SOMEONE PROBABLY THOUGHT I WAS A STALKER.

Do you know what he looks like? does he look like he's looking around a lot or like he's eyeing someone inside the store? is he on his phone? People who pick people up usually mess with their phones, multitask, or people watch but with a daydreamy gaze. But there is probably no one outside at night to people watch.