As if there is any comparison between the two!!!

Oh, you know my pain! I swear I want to peel my face off my skin is annoying me that much! I've been using the PSF soap bar, which is working fairly well, but I admit I was careless a couple of weeks ago and I'm now paying for it.
I really shouldn't, but I still hold out hope that now that the foaming cleanser is gone we'll get the GCC back. I will buy like 20 bottles of the stuff just in case!
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All of this. I finally ordered a bar and with my routine I hate it as much as I thought I would. It's a good golly damn mess to use it at the sink so I only use it in the shower in the mornings and still use a pump dispenser cleaner at night at the sink.

Every day that I'm using that bar I think if PSF brings back the liquid I'll order 87 million cases.

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