totally random but reminds me of weird people, once I went running around my schools over flow parking lot which is like the size of a football stadium I swear. Anywho I was running because it's empty and I don't like running where theres a lot of traffic or people. ANYWAY.....jeez murr get with the story, ANYWAY OMG....this car came and every spot in the parking lot. It was weird. Maybe they had ocd, or were practicing for a driving test (that you have to park in a normal spot for??) they parked in every spot. I DO NOT LIE. the whole time I ran they would go in and then go out and then go in and then go out of every PARKING SPOT, IT WAS THE WEIRDEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN. I think the girl had ocd, so she had to come early before classes even started and park everywhere.....I don't know that was the only theory I had.