I think our hair is a little similar. I cowash with suave clarifying cond or suave aloe for rinse out i either use yes to carrots nourishing or avalon nourishing lavender, Giovanni direct leave in (i added a little bit of pure moroccan argan oil to the bottle) and la looks perfect polish. i cowash twice a week but sometimes i swap one co washing with clarifying with giovanni 50/50 clarifying shampoo. On clarifying days i do a pre poo of evco/evoo and i oil my scalp with my homemade hair growth oil. This past week i did 2 co washes but added lemon juice to my rinse out and my hair turned out beautifully shiny almost frizz free and looked very clean and bouncy. I try to stay on the cheap side when it comes to products. I already spent too much on conditioners but these two are the ones that i like for now. The yes to carrots smells kind of blah to me so i added a little bit of sandalwood essential oil. Yes I'm a fan of oils lol. Also with our type of hair we need to focus a lot on the roots. I just started clipping mine up for them to dry and make sure that you put some product on the roots so it doesnt looks like the rest of the hair. When i take the clips off it looks like i got a whole lot more hair. If you look like a wet puppy you probably put too much hairgel on the roots.

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