perhaps you recall me explaining the hair loss. thankfully for now it is no longer coming out. what i am left with is maybe 30% gray, very fine and very dry hair. It's seeming almost straw-like second day and is also growing in with a funny curl/wave/kink near the scalp.

I am a very natural person but i contemplate going to my salon and buying the stuff they often suggest that i havent felt the need or desire to in the past. I've even thought i might see if they can add a toner that will give it some pigment.

i am looking for advice as far as the moisture and also the changed way it has begun growing in-- know that is not to be changed but tell me i'm not alone, please.
fine texture, porous,2c,3a&b (depending on humidity and length)Going gray

Wash: KCCC
Co wash~ Acure conditioner,JM Citrus Neroli
Leave in: KCKT, beatiful curls shae butter
Stylers: KKCC,