I posted this in 4a and got one reply. (Thanks!!! )

But in sure other hair types have weirdness going on too. And I wanna hear about it! So here is my post.

My hair only curls at the bottom!! Like, I have about 3" of hair that doesn't clump together. It's "curly" but not clumpy. Seems backwards. Like the weight should be on your roots so they'd be stretched out. But mine is bushy at the roots, and curly like the last 3/4 of the hair. That ish crazy!!!! And it's like that no matter how long it gets. My roots look like new growth. Like I'm growin some process out.

Also, my roots don't really tangle, that curly hair gets tangled. The last parts after those 2 or 3 inches!!!

It's just weird. I don't think it's fixable, but it is weird enough to share.

Is anyone else's hair like this? Or weird in another way?


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