For a long time I held a lot of pride in my curly hair. I loved it, I got lots of compliments on it and I thought it defined me.

But, to be honest, curly hair is very high maintenance. It takes forever to dry, endless amount of product, lots of care (pineappling, plopping, diffusing, sotc, checking the weather!!!).

It may be beautiful, it may be sexy and it may be very unique. But its NOT by any means convenient.

So in spite of all the doubts and the fear of letting go of my curly mane, I cut it into a pixie...

And have never been happier with myself.

I no longer have a head full of beautiful red curls, but I have confort, zero bad-hair days; I don't need to spend a lot of time styling or money on products to achieve fabulous curls... I feel I can focus my time and efforts I finding other beautiful things in me instead of feeling frustrated when my hair is not cooperating.

Curls are magnificent but, sometimes, it's ok to let go of them.

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