I remember liking the smell of OneC (lemongrass I think) when I tried it years ago. My hair looked great, but it made my face itch and burn so badly, I only lasted a day and half before I had to get it out of my hair. Never used it again. I hadn't tried any more of their stuff until I went for a Deva cut a few years ago. They washed my hair with Low Poo, and while the smell wasn't overly strong to me, I really couldn't stand whatever the fragrance was. It was just there all. the. time.

Your new cut looks great on you! Love your spirals. I have hair envy.
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It's made me itchy a little bit as well and you're so right, it's there all the time. I'm going to have to change sheets today because it's all over my pillow. I do like how it smells initially, but it lingers way too long. I can't handle such a strong smell all up in my nostrils invading my airspace.

And thank you. I can't wait to wash it and get my regular curls back. I miss my slight crunch and less frizz.

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