Please people keep the routines coming. I've put a cease & desist on myself to stop myself from buying any more products for the rest of this month. But learning other people's routines is a fun (and free) way to experiment.
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My hair is long – S-Wavy. I believe it’s 2B. still not sure on the porous properties. I know I cannot use a Leave-in. It weights my hair down.
So maybe normal or Low. My hair is not thin, but not thick by any means. And I still have no idea if my hair likes protein or not…. Still learning what that means. I do know, that I Cannot use Tresseme Naturals conditioner. It severely dried out my hair!

Here is my routine. I use Devacurl low poo once a week. And I Deep condition my hair once a week too, with DevaCurl Heaven in Hair.

Normal day: Co-Wash with Suave Naturals coconut conditioner. Scrub my scalp, and finger detangle. Scrunch with head upside down. Rinse out…Apply Devacurl One Conditioner. Finger comb, and again scrunch with head upside down. Leave on my hair while I finish my shower. Then rinse out completely with head upside down while scrunching. Scrunch out some water, but leave hair still wet…. Then I apply product, with head upside down….(I use different product each time I shower. I rotate. … Curl Keeper and Arc Angel gel / or / DevaCurl B’Leave in and Arc Angel gel / or / Shea Moisture Curl Milk and Souffle) sometimes I twist my hair in sections to make bigger curls. If not, I just scrunch….scrunch….scrunch… Then plop for 5-6 mins. Any longer and my curls get weird. Then I diffuse immediately, with head upside down. I diffuse the pixie method, but not fully against my scalp. And I do it Very carefully and slowly, not to disturb the curls. (High speed / medium heat). (I bought my bowl diffuser from, and Love it!! )I keep the diffuser on each section for a good minute or so, then move to another section. I do each section carefully… then flip my head the the left side. Diffuse in sections… then flip to the right side….diffuse in sections. And then flip my head over again…. Keep diffusing… I keep doing this same routine for a while. I then will clip my bangs with a metal clip on how I want them to lay. Keep diffusing…. Until dry or almost dry. If it’s dry, then I Scrunch out the crunch! And I might use DevaCurl set it free sprayed into my hands when I scrunch. Not sure if it’s helps or not. But I normally just use my hands… very carefully.

I’ve had Very good 2nd day results after using my Shea Moisture products. Only have done this twice so far. Pineapple at night. (I do not have a satin pillowcase) and in the morning, spritz with water or Lavender water until damp. Put a small amount of Shea Moisture Curl Milk in and scrunch all over…. Diffuse or air dry… My curls have been FULL AND FABULOUS!!!! Like I said, it’s only been twice, but so far so good!