Serenesunshine: I just started the cg method about a month ago so i'm experimenting with products and using others up.
Shampoo: natures gate jojoba/giovani's TTTT
Co wash: suave naturals coconut
Ro: tresemme naturals
Li: kckt/ about to try giovani's dli
Styler: sm csm or ces and using up my oiudad tress effects gel.

I tend to either get really weighed down hair with great definition or volume with little to no definition. Still trying to find the right balance. How about you?
Kawehilani321: Wow, you're right! We have the same type of hair for sure. What do you use in yours? Please share! Does your hair get weighed down easily too?

Serenesunshine you totally have my same hair type! I've never seen anyone else with my curls before. Hello hair twin!

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3B- Fine/Dense/Normal Porosity/ Normal Elasticity