I've been using the Mist for the past 2 days.

For the first application, I sprayed it directly on my roots, and throughout the day I felt like my hair looked greasy. It wasn't noticable to others but I know my hair.

So today I sprayed the Mist onto my hands and they massaged it into my roots. My hair is still wet but it looks so much better already. I'll make an update later.

Anywho, I've been sticking to the Shampoo/Conditioner/Anti-Breakage Mask for this line lately and it seems to be working. My hair is getting stronger! But since I've been using all the products for about a week and the Mist for just a few days, it's hard to say if the Mist is attributing(Although I like to think so...hahaha) to the results.

Time to go to work!