My routine right now goes as follows:
Co wash with suave aloe or clarifying conditioner once or twice
(massage the roots everywhere, i flip my head over to get the back of the head)

Rinse with yes to carrots nourishing or avalon nourishing lavender mixed with the suave and lemon juice. (I finger comb my hair when i rinse it out)

Apply Giovanni direct leave in everywhere because i get frizz everywhere and scrunch. (i added a little pure Moroccan argan oil to the bottle that i purchased on ebay)

Apply la looks hair gel perfect polish everywhere and scrunch some more. If i plan to keep my bangs straight i try not to put a lot of gel on them.

I scrunch more with a tshirt until hair is just damp. If i have to head out soon I'll use the hair dryer with the diffuser on med heat med speed. I target the roots first with my head flipped over and then the ends. Then i clip my roots on top until I'm ready to head out.

It might look like a long routine but i feel decent enough to head out without damaging my hair by strengthening it which is what i used to do all the time. I wish i could just get out of the shower and leave but that's not the look i like i will look all day exactly like that like i just came out of the shower, no volume at all.

Sometimes I'll prepoo with evco/evoo because it's healthy for hair and i will also oil my scalp with a mix of oils that i found had hair growth properties all on the same day. This day instead of cowashing i will shampoo with Giovanni clarifying shampoo sulfate free. Coconut oil and olive oil penetrate the hairshaft so the shampoo helps on getting rid the oil that's on the surface of the hair so i don't look like a greaseball. I do this step when i know I'll be home for at least 4 hours or so. I would do it overnight but my son goes to school really early. For deep conditioners i don't use anything that takes too long i just use giovanni avocado and Giovanni protein. They both come in tubes and you only leave them on while you're in the shower. I just replace the regular rinse out for these when i do them. Sometimes i will prepoo with mayo with one egg added.

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