From the articles, his bathroom was the only room without bars on the windows and a ladder outside.

I would assume there would be blood splatter to confirm she was sitting on the toilet.

The story sounds incredibly far fetched. If he really thought it was an intruder though, I feel horrible for him though.
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Trying to catch up on thus story. Did he say he heard the window break in the bathroom to make him think it was an Intruder?

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I don't recall having read that he heard anything break.


I think you kind of need to see a floorplan of his bedroom and entire house to see if what he is saying makes sense. And on an average, dry night, how much light enters his bedroom through the balcony door?

Maybe it's just the voyeur in me, but they didn't have sex? Cozy evening at home, valentines day gifts, etc. and no nookie?