I don't recall having read that he heard anything break.


I think you kind of need to see a floorplan of his bedroom and entire house to see if what he is saying makes sense. And on an average, dry night, how much light enters his bedroom through the balcony door?

Maybe it's just the voyeur in me, but they didn't have sex? Cozy evening at home, valentines day gifts, etc. and no nookie?
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Well, if they had been fighting, maybe no nookie. Or they had it earlier in the evening.
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The story he told was that after having cancelled their plans to hang out, she came over, they ate dinner, he watched tv in bed while she did yoga and then they both went right to sleep.

He never said they had been fighting. He's trying to make it sound like they had a lovely evening together.

Then why no sex?

(I don't think he could have invented some sex bc I guess the coroner could check?)

Maybe they hadn't been having the lovey dovey night he says they did?
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no, he didn't mention hearing a glass break but he knew there weren't bars on the bathroom (like the rest of the house) and he heard a noise and was "paralyzed" or "overcome" with fear....so he grabs a gun and starts shooting without hearing a peep from his "beloved" that was sharing his bed.....the more i talk about this the more hot i get!!! if and it's a big if he didn't do it on purpose he is as dumb as a bag of rocks for shooting without pausing to think. damn!!!

ok....juicy. i wondered about sex. who said they didn't have sex? are y'all saying no sex because he didn't mention it? maybe he felt like it wasn't relevant to the story or he was trying not to be tacky. maybe she was on her period and they didn't do it or maybe like it's been suggested they were fighting so no lovin.

i hope the officers didn't botch the case by their collection of evidence which i read earlier. said the crime scene was contaminated because they weren't wearing gloves. a real simple thing would be if there was urine or poop in the toilet. if there was none she might have flushed before she was shot (which would mean she'd probably be standing washing her hands) OR she might have been in the restroom to protect herself and not been using it after all. if he was on his stubs she might have had enough time to get to the bathroom and lock it by the time he grabbed a gun. i still think it's highly suspicious that the bathroom was even locked in the first place considering it was the middle of the night and she was just making a quick potty run (if that was the case at all) i mean even if he attempted to come in while she was doing something private she could have called out to him that she was in there so really, why did she need to lock the door?

i just can't see her not screaming after the first shot or even before when he allegedly screamed at the intruder. so, even in darkness he couldn't comprehend that his gf was in the bathroom and not an intruder before shooting so many times?? she wasn't even dead when he carried her to another location (supposedly) so i know she probably screamed out when she was first hit or heard the first shot (which ever was first) which should have triggered him to stop immediately!!!

another thing, what was the condition of the bed? just curious. had they been fighting on it? were all the covers off as it would be if someone was fleeing the bed to run to the bathroom for safety very different than if you just toss covers aside to get up and go to the bathroom casually.

did he even go out to get a fan on the balcony? how do we know that's true? is there an electrical outlet on the balcony to run a fan? who leaves a fan on the balcony? maybe it's common but the people i know with fans in the bedroom keep them indoors and don't put them outside....
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