No you sound like you've got a good routine and you take better care of your hair than me. I don't sleep with a pineapple because it hurts my scalp, I just do a low pony every day and then either braid the length of do another scrunch to keep it in place because my kids always sleep with me and pull hairs out. I know, I hate crunch because I hear the break as well. I like how your hair separates into lots of separate curls, not big ones, without you having to comb. We really seem like hair twins that's for sure. Except that I don't get root volume, but by hair density and porosity and such, we're the same. and definitely you not having much volume must be from only doing cowashes, that's why. I tried that for a while, but man, no my hair was just flat, that's why I do lowpoos, but if you're getting good curls, with cowashes, keep it up. Let me know if the lemon juice in the conditioner on the scalp gives you any problems. THat is a really good thing for the scalp. I have scalp issues, which is why I stick to lowpoo. I had more hair shed when I used conditioner on my scalp and it was hard to make sure I got it all rinsed out well enough. I love using oil on my scalp as well, but I hate having to put on harshes shampoos to get it out. It's almost like for me it's a lose-lose situation, because yes I give it more moisture, but then I strip it anyways. Castor oil, man I'd love to try that but I heard it's demon to get out. I hate putting mixes in my hair, like with mayo because it's so messy, but yeah i was using a deep conditioner that came out of a tube, I forget the name but I just used it for the time I was in the shower like you said. I hate the whole shower cap thing, walking around my house in a towel for an hour. I do want to try mango and olive oil sometime, though, I heard it is really good for the hair. What's your secret for getting curl at the root. Did you have it before you started doing the CG thing?? Or is it the clips? I try clips, but for me I was freaking out about pulling on hairs when I tried to get them out, and such. I always grab some frizzed hair next to the clip and I need to keep every hair on my head intact if possible!!
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I can't do the pineapple either. I can't tie my hair for some reason because i get headaches (another reason i don't do ponytails) i sleep with a clip on the top of my head without pulling any hairs. It takes me a while to get it the right way. My kids sleep with me and they like to walk on my hair when they fight to be on the side I'm facing lol. I used to sleep with a bonnet but it would make my head sweaty so i only use it when I'm close to washing my hair. What do you use for lowpoo I'm not exactly sure what that means but i do use the giovanni clarifying sulfate free shampoo about once every 2 or 3 cowashes and i still don't see a difference in volume. The oil i use for my scalp i mainly use it to see if my hair grows quicker. Its basically a mix or half jojoba half castor oil with essential oils like Rosemary clary sage clove and lavender. I haven't measured my hair yet because i keep forgetting but i think it looks a little longer. And like i said with the Giovanni shampoo my hair looks pretty clean but not dry at all.As for the curl on my root i think it started happening little by little after i started doing cowashing but now with the lemon juice the curls look like they are higher on the roots. I think you're right. The cowashing was probably weighting my hair down but the lemon juice clears it right out and gives me good volume. The only time i saw my hair this curly (long long time ago) was when i use to saturate it with hair gel mousse and freeze ease hahaha. And this messed up my hair so badddd. The clips on the roots are a huge help i think. I use 6 medium sized ones. 3 go on top of the head one behind the other one and the other 3 on the sides. I pull some hair but i don't break it. If i had them all the same color i could probably get away with going out with them on. I'll take a picture next time i do it. How long is your hair? Can you put pictures if it loose when you can?

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