Yes, on the show Vanessa's character is Ukrainian; Dan often sites this on the show repeatedly. I know that Mexican is not a race; the majority of Mexicans are a mixture of Native American and European. My brother's wife is Mexican, etc. And why are you arguing with me over this? This is ridiculous.

Of course not all Mexicans look Native American, but the majority do. I do not see how that is "stereotypical" or wrong. Just like the majority of Jamaica's residents are African descent. Sure there are Chinese, Syrians, Indians, but the majority of them are Black. I am well familiar with Del Toro since he is one of my favorite directors. He is probably the exception compared to thousands of other people that are ethnic Mexicans. The Portuguese look different because of a mixture of Berbers and North Africans, the same goes for Italians and Spaniards. Olga looks Asian because the Mongolian empire included present day Ukraine and Russia, etc. and their reign lasted for over 200 years. There was a lot of mixing of Tatars and Mongols, so it shouldn't be surprising that a lot of Eastern Slavs have an olive complexion and slanted eyes. There are still Tatars in these areas but they are now an ethnic minority
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I know this thread is ancient, but thought I would clear something up for anyone else that wanders into this thread. Gina Torres (Afro-Cuban actress married to Lawrence Fishburne - plays a woman of African descent in her roles) played Jessica Szohr's mother on Gossip Girl, which, I believe was in reference to Jessica's mutli-ethnic heritage. Her character's last name was Abrams, which doesn't seem like a Ukrainian name. Also, I don't remember the show referencing her as "Ukrainian," and I've seen all the shows she was in.

Here are some pics of Gina Torres, in case you don't know who she is:

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