I got the jaw clips which are different from the alligator ones but don't know how to use them! Have you tried? I know Jas started a thread about it. Going to have to look it up.

I just searched for that blow dryer and it's $179. Wow. You mean business, Miss sKorpio. No wonder your hair looks so good. My NY Resolution was to save more but maybe a high quality blow dryer would make a difference for me. I've never had one before. But it makes sense.
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I have tried those clips. They stretch out my hair though. That's one thing my hair I don't like about my hair. If I stretch it it won't spring back. It stays straightened out. No elasticity I guess? And I actually was able to get the dryer for 100 it's an extra 20% off at this website and then they gave me an extra 5% refund after I paid:

Medium texture, normal porosity, normal elasticity