My random thoughts:

1. Brandon is unstable. I'm sure he can't be *that* unstable because they have to go thru psych evals, right??? but the swinging in his thinking is just not in the world of what I'd consider "normal" - and granted their current experience is extreme but he's just, well, a cuckoo bird. That was the nicest way I could say that LOL

2. Did you see the previews for next week? "I'll pee in the beans, I'll pee in the rice, I'll burn the shelter down?"... reminds me of that person who stole socks in the night and burned them (or buried them? - wasn't there a pair of shoes stolen and buried, too??)

3. I'm laughing that the pretty posse got taken down a notch - but Shamar drives me INSANE. He's loud and obnoxious (or asleep), I can't deal with that kind of personality

4. The Sandra Bullock looking girl is smart "Shamar is my Phillip" - she is playing the game and doing a good job. I worry about her, though because I think she needs to get closer to dude with the beard and the bald guy with glasses (I know, names would be helpful). I think bald/glasses guy has a chance to go pretty far.

5. I'm glad the Fans lost so we could see more of their interactions. I still can't tell the girls apart, though

6. Brandon is a cuckoo bird (yes, I'm repeating, but really, it is worth repeating)

7. The thing The Specialist hasn't quite grasped is that Boston Rob didn't run around TELLING people they were "need to know" or announcing "this is how I'm playing this game" - sure, Boston Rob told US, during the private interviews .

8.The Specialist's eye bug me. I can't look at him without feeling all skeevy

9. I like Malcolm

10. I think a Malcolm/Denise/Cochran alliance would be awesome.

11. I want Shamar, The Specialist, and Brandon voted off

12. I really hate that I'm calling Phillip The Specialist
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