Maybe I'm just naturally high maintenance but I don't have that much trouble with my hair (at least not anymore). I know which products to use, I can get up to 5th day hair easy and I use the same products no matter what the weather.
I have actually found that shorter hair is harder for me. Its harder to style, it doesn't hold curls for as long so I have to restyle it more often. And yeah it would be super annoying to have to cut it all the time I don't know how boys do it.
Long hair I can just moisturize, put in a braid and I look super cute. Especially when my workplace requires you to wear your hair up all the time. My short curls will be swished in a hat causing MORE restyling.
Short hair requires constant wash & gos and I love buns and braids and twists too. Short hair annoys me so much lol I much prefer, medium to longer lengths.
3c Hair
Fine Strands, High Density, Low Porosity
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Loving my hair!!!