I cleanse my hair one of 3 ways:

-NoPoo (devaCurl), shampoo bar, or shampoo (LowPoo +oil)

-condition and detangle (faves are in my siggy)

-leave in =mineral oil(4-5 drops) + EVOO, Argan, coconut, or EO's (4-5 drops) mixed with my Leave-in conditioner

-add a "base" styler...MD CSC, FSG, or MUDD (**sometimes I skip the gel and style ONLY with FSG, Mudd or Curlkeeper)

-smooth and scrunch gel in 4 sections (KCCC, UFDCM, etc.)

-top with either a pump of Gel-les'C or BRHG

-air dry 5 minutes and diffuse until 80-90% dry
-scrunch, style and go

2nd day hair- sometimes I scrunch in some FSG, spritz a little water, or just wear my hair up. I rarely do any touch ups anymore though....usually just put it up and go.

***although I can get away with using FSG, Mudd, CK or even Tresseme naturals conditioner/oil as my sole styler, I find I get better 2nd and sometimes 3rd day hair if I add a gel to my routine.

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