But you guyse know we're talking about the context in which the word is used, so if you don't get offended by the context in which it is used, just say that. I'm not offended by words either. But when a male is using it in a way ot degrade me I'm going to be pissed. Which is 9/10 how it is used. I didn't realize that at first either but then I paid attention and realized menz are douchez.

I'M SO MAD. At this test I actually studied for. I hate when teachers make questions that are designed to screw you over. As in what is blah blah ?
a) correct and wrong
b) wrong and true statement
c) wrong
d) correct and true but now you're not sure because the others have you second guessing your brain JK IM WRONG ANYWAY.

LIKE why you do that...why you do that for every question. I went back and erased things and then I realized I had them right first.

I don't even care, just give me all C's. Get me the eff out of this schooooool I swurrr.