Hi Curly girls!

I do some education and work trade shows for HAI so, while I can't feel comfortable giving you a review, I can tell you why it rocks and that I've seen it. Though I am biased!

First - I want to clarify the NEO is not a tourmaline iron. HAI was the first to make a ceramic iron in the late 90's and first to add tourmaline to their entire line. Now they are the first to make a neo plate. It has mini grooves or bumps so that your hair is cushioned by the plate rather than crushed, leaving the hair strands round instead of oval by the flat iron. So, asugirl, you are right on the money that this is awesome for fine, thin hair that you want to have that luscious volume.

This NEO iron also has damage control technology. By simply cushioning the hair, the follicles seal and there is less friction, less burden on your tresses. It doesn't give you the shine a titanium plate will give you, and it won't 'flatten' like a ceramic . It will straighten and it will keep hair in a better state!

We've got a youtube vid that may help you see it in action. I'll post that below!

So that's it. I hope this was helpful! @dearmissmel
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