Same here. I do relatively the same thing every time. Leave in then gel, let air dry and the routine seems to work with a variety of products. Only I have to ask a question about the hard hold gels. With them I switch it up and put them in soaking wet hair but still I can't escape that crunch. I'm guessing LA Looks is super hard and comparable to Aussie Instant Freeze. I also felt like I had to apply a lot more of the AIF than I do the KCCC. With KCCC, I put very little. With AIF it didn't feel quite right and I wound up putting more every time but then my hair felt, well, disgusting. So stiff and artificial. I can't seem to find a balance. My hair is thick so it feels like it needs more product only it doesn't drink the Aussie the way it does KCCC. The funny thing is I know I don't need that much hold now. My hair will curl and do its thing regardless so long as it's properly moisturized. But the AIF doesn't saturate my hair the way KCCC does so it's hard to tell. I'd say I put about a quarter size glob of AIF per side with an additional dime size in the back which is my "stubborn" area. . .
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Hmmm, my hair is sparse, so I don't know if what works for me would work for you, but I don't style my hair when it's soaking wet. In the morning I rinse it so that it's only damp, and frankly this time I got MUCH better results with the sport gel than I have in the past (possibly because I was able to better gauge how much I needed and was able to apply it more evenly? ). At least, before, when I applied it to soaking wet hair, some parts of my hair would dry very crunchy and some parts would dry undefined and frizzy, like the gel had been badly distributed.
3a - Fine, thin, non-porous hair - boo!

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