That's so crazy that we both can't do pineapples. But now you've got me so interested, how and what clip do you use to put your hair up at night?? I would love to do that. PICS PLEASE. Deal: You put pics up or your nighttime routine and I"ll put pics up on my hair when it's wavy and done up, probably on Sunday cuz I won't be doing my hair for anything until then. And yes, they love to grab stray hairs no, the kids, and pull them in every direction. My little girl cut my hair once when I was sleeping and filled a ziploc bag full of my hair. :-) I can only laugh now. The Giovanni stuff you use is a lowpoo, because a lowpoo is one without sulfates. So you're right on if that works for you. With castor oil, do you struggle to get it out of your hair?? I so want to try it but people say it's so hard to get out of the hair and that you have to put shampoo on your dry hair first to get it out and that scared me. Do you have to put two doses of shampoo to get it out or anything?? Now I want to try! And yes, put pics up of your clips for the roots. I just hate pulling my hair cuz my scalp is so sensitive that it hurts for hours afterwards, when I pull ion just a few hairs. I'd love to cowash if it would give me root curl, but I'd rather have no root curl and not have the hair shed from conditioner on my scalp. But I'm very tempted to try it with lemon juice, very!! But after I try the oil and the lowpoo to get it out. That's got me more interested! So pics from you and pics from me on Sunday, sale?? Cuidate!
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Omg hahaha your kids are too much lol...well as for the castor oil i i have tried it alone and mixed with jojoba oil and with the low poo it comes out completely...cowashing didn't work to get it which is why i bought the low poo. The reason i mixed it was because it was so thick that it was hard to get it down to the scalp with the applicator bottle (that i got at a beauty supply) when my hair was dry. I would have to part my hair and that took too long. With the jojoba, the mix is thinner so i just go around the scalp as if i was tracing circles and then massage. I think it would be ok to just mix it with well. Jojoba is too expensive but i had it sooo... As for my nightime routine i basically grab the length of my hair as if i was going to twist it but i don't twist it. I just put it up so i basically fold it but don't put it up too tight because that can flatten it out and give me headaches. I'll be posting a picture of the clip or whatever the name is. I have them in all sizes. I use the large one for night time and the medium ones for the roots. As for the hair shed I've been shedding a lot even before i went cg so i can't tell the difference. It's probably normal since we're supposed to shed 100 hairs a day so that would be 700 hairs a week and if your hair is long it might look like you're shedding a lot but you're not. I'm not too worried because my hair looks the same and i don't see any bald spots. When i cowash i make sure i put enough friction on the scalp to clear the pores and sometimes i cowash twice before i put the rinse out conditioner because i like the clean feeling. If my hair looks weighted down when its dry i know its time for a low poo the next time. As for root curl my curls are not up to my roots but they seem to be going up the further in I'm into taking better care of my hair. I never did before so i really don't know how curly my hair is. My sisters hair is almost straight but my brothers hair (he has really long hair) is about a 3a. We have a mix in my family from kinky to straight so it's was very hard to tell what my hair was or is. I'm just going with the flow to see my curl potential. De donde eres? Yo soy de Puerto Rico.

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