Thanks rbb for the response. I am glad i am not alone. this hair is very different. I thought that it was perhaps because of my adrenals that accounted for both the hair falling out as well as the dryness but now i think it's just the hair that's left which is a lot more gray- whereas before i had a bunch of brown holding up and supporting and creating the softer look, if that makes sense.

I will try a seal- in like you say - maybe i'll pick up the Jane ___ nourish and shine.

The salon has a few product lines i cant remember - i've tried a few of them in the past but always return them because i dont like the smells and dont want all the extra indredients on my hair. Plus, it's pricey.
sometimes , lately though i get very frustrated and think desparate thoughts.
fine texture, porous,2c,3a&b (depending on humidity and length)Going gray

Wash: KCCC
Co wash~ Acure conditioner,JM Citrus Neroli
Leave in: KCKT, beatiful curls shae butter
Stylers: KKCC,