Having a really awesome hair day and, after switching between several product combinations for the last week or so, I hope this means I finally found one I like and that can be an everyday routine. Bonus points: the products that I use the most of (the conditioners) are both drugstore finds so yay for cheap!

The routine:
No low-poo today (although used L'Oreal Everpure Sulfate Free a few days ago...may do this once a week or try out the Shea Moisture brand low-poo)
Rinse out/light cowashing: Tresemme Naturals Moisture (rinsed out fully)
(Related: Does this count as a cowash if I did the scalp scrubbing or does it need to have some kind of mild surfactant to be considered a cowashing conditioner?)
Leave-in: About a teaspoon or perhaps slightly more (?) Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner combined with two dime-sized drops of Terax Life drops (I think raking this in was really the key...the product was much better distributed on hair...especially since combining the two made the Terax able to cover more area)
Gel: Deva Arc Angel (quarter size dollop or slightly more) put in pre-plop and raked in (I've always scrunched before and theres a halo of frizz right at the top of my head...I thought that raking would straighten out and mess up my curl pattern and - in fact - it did look straighter pre-plop but it's way curlier than normal now)
Light scrunching pre-plop
12 minute plop using old tee-shirt

My hair isn't 100% dry now so I'm waiting to use my JCNS to SOTC (although it looks surprisingly uncrunchy) and build a bit more volume. Usually my hair looks pretty unkempt at this point but it's looking really good right now so I know it'll look even better with some JCNS.

Related question: Does anyone know if it's a bad idea to use a protein leave-in like Terax life drops on a daily basis? It worked really well today and (I think?) I have pretty fine hair that seemingly like protein but I don't want to dry it out.