So I'm mad now because someone on ebay sent me a message saying a shirt I send them (which was brand new and in perfect condition) had holes and dirt on it and that I should check my stuff before I send stuff. EXCUSE ME?!?!??!

I told them I would give them a refund when I got my shirt back since they said they would be "returning" it and excepted their money back. I don't' even think they're gonna return it, I think they think I'm stupid or something and think I was gonna just refund the money like that. Nope, nope nope nope nope.

I hate when people falsely accuse me of things. SLANDER. DON'T BE RUINING PEOPLE'S GOOD NAMES.

unless it was destroyed during shipping, but I'm sure they wouldn't be that stupid enough to not realize that it was destroyed in shipping or they just think people send packages in horrible shredded packaging. Tho...I wouldn't put it past someone cause people are stupid and have no common sense.

What you think I am, a fool? I'm gonna look at their buyer reviews now. Because if I send something used (which it was brand new) I would put pictures of all the wear on the items. I KNOW HOW TO DO EBAY FOOL.