Your hair looks really nice, I do think it looks curlier.
I still don't have the mist or milk yet, but my dh surprised me with the volume shampoo the other day ( he went shopping looking for the mist to surprise me, but he has no clue what he was looking for ),
Off course I had to try it :-) , it must attach itself to the hair somehow , I could feel my hair being thicker while it was wet. Now if I got actual volume from it I can't tell , our dew points are in the high 60s. Even though my hair is not frizzy, it is full, I don't know if it is from the shampoo or the humidity.
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Oh my goodness your husband is too cute. What a wonderful curl-loving family you have. Our dew today is 37* just checked. It's a tricky curl day. I already had the shampoo and was using it once every two weeks. I just used it followed by the conditioner. (I wanted to use both to test the quality of the products in conjunction.) I could also feel that my hair was thicker than average when I was washing it. I'm all, "Am I imagining this?" but then I reached behind and gathered it in my hand and it felt thicker than it typically did wet. It was so strange. Also I noticed when I was letting the volumizing conditioner sit in my hair while I was shaving my legs my wet locks seemed to be further away from my head than usual. So then I rinsed it fully out and styled with my bare bones routine, a bit of KCKT and a bit of KCCC. It's about 30% dry now and I do have more, not significantly more yet, but definitely more root volume than average. And I don't do anything for root volume typically. I don't diffuse, I don't rinse upside down, and I rarely have the patience for the clippies. So . . . I'm thinking this stuff works. I'll report back later once my hair is fully dry. (Oh, and after I shampooed I did put a bit of conditioner, grazing it over my crown. If I forgot to mention that.)

P.S. The SM Yucca Conditioner's slip is so much better than the SM Restorative Conditioner. The restorative conditioner I'd give a 4/5 on the slip scale. This one's a 6/7. It'd be higher but I had to use a lot. One use and the bottle's 10% gone. Oh well. I don't plan on using it more than once a week anyways because of the protein content. Still, I wish Shea Moisture would sell their conditioner in bigger ounce bottles. It's like a joke. Curly hair needs lots of conditioner!
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