I don't want to go to Victoria if the fires are so big the smoke is in another city that far away.
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Last night there were storms in Melbourne, so bad that flights were diverted to Adelaide, yet we're still getting the smoke from the Grampians. The weather here is crazy
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You'd be a bit pissed if you were on one of those flights and ended up 500km from where you wanted to be.

I'm looking at Sydney again. Though don't be surprised if I somehow end up in your doorstep.

Also, one more shift to go and I'm off work for 8 days. Woo!
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I think Adelaide/Melbourne is nearer 800kms, (the bushfires were 500 from us) I don't know what they do with all those people - there was one of the big Emirates airbuses landing here so that's a lot of people to sort for the night.
If I had my time again I'd go to Melbourne I think.
Enjoy your holiday!
3b in South Australia.

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