Oh, I have some really good ones.

When I was like seven or eight years old there was this sports thing going on at my school and one of my classmates was really good at drawing, so he got asked to do this banner for my class that featured all of the kids. Everyone was normal, funny even, but he drew me as a giant furball with eyes and legs. Being seven it of course hurt my feelings a lot, so much that I actually went and told my teacher about it despite the fact that I was the shyest kid ever and would never speak up. She tried to brush it off, but I was really upset and finally she got freaking furious and made the kid whiteout me out of the drawing, which made everyone get mad at me. Lose lose, dude.

I've had hair stylists call my hair "rustic", complain about it being "too difficult", try to get me to "cut it" or "relax" it because it's "impossible to work with". I even had one grab my hair with total disgust and be like "ugh this is a fro". It's not the fact that he called it a fro, even though it's not, but that he actually meant it as an insult what ticked me off, not to mention that when you go to a hair salon you're not asking them to fix your hair as a favor, it's their job. They always also seemed to find it very weird when I said that I didn't want to chemically alter it, considering that my hair doesn't really like that at all and it has in fact broken off at the root from chemical straightening before, leaving me with horrible bald patches that took an age and a half to grow.

And there's my mom and my sister, finally. Both of them have wavy hair at most - I'm the only one in my entire family with curly hair - and I've had to endure a lifetime of "it looks unkempt", "you look much better when you straighten it", "are you going to actually go out looking like that?", "did you comb your hair?", "you look like you're fresh out of the funny farm", and my favorite "you should relax it" even though both of them were present for the great bald patch debacle of 2000 (circa). My mom also likes to say that my hair only ever looked good when she was in charge of it; this means shaving it all off until I was about three years old (yep) and then forcing it back with gel and a thousand bobby pins, hair elastics and whatever else you can think of that kept my hair totally pinned down and from that I am so used to hair puling and tugging and whatever else that I actually don't feel it anymore.

There's also the random "buy a brush" comment from someone on the street, or whatever.

People suck. The only two people who like my hair at all are my dad and my husband and even though it's looking much better these days, I'm still super self conscious of it.

/end rant